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agleam is the output of composer/performer/sound designer Eric M. C. Gonzalez. Synthesizers and electric cello intertwine, weaving moody, beat-driven backdrops for somber, shimmering songs. Elements of hip-hop, noise, dream-pop, and contemporary classical music are present in agleam's futuristic sci-fi sound.

Sounds similar to: Animal Collective, AIR, Emeralds, Nine Inch Nails, WHY?, cLOUDEAD, 

The 2016 release Conscious Din is a prelude to REACH, a comic book and concept album about music, madness, people, and technology. The science-fiction story follows musicians struggling in life as they question and confront their technologically-centered society.

"Out Of Phase" conjures images of accelerating  technology that humans use and may, or may not successfully integrate 'IRL' relationships into digital ones.

 Gonzalez plays Happy Dog w/ Forager

Gonzalez plays Happy Dog w/ Forager

agleam is emerging

agleam was featured as one of's "35 Ohio Bands You Need To Hear ASAP." Eric was a 2016 Creative Workforce Fellow, and used the skills and equipment acquired through this grant to propel his artistry as a musician and performing artist. The songs from Conscious Din were completed in 2016 when agleam began performing in its current form. New issues of REACH will be released periodically along with 2-3 tracks of music, culminating in an album and collection of stories.



"We Shine" is about losing yourself in a digital lifestyle and learning to love through screens and online connections that are pervasive in society.

 agleam performed at IngenuityFest in Cleveland, 2016

agleam performed at IngenuityFest in Cleveland, 2016

agleam is active


Cleveland, Ohio

12/17/2017, Amsterdam Bar and Hall

Saint Paul, Minnesota

11/13/2017, The Volstead Lounge

Austin, Texas

5/6/2017, Ingenuity Bal: Aquatique

- Cleveland, Ohio

4/7/2017, MIX at Cleveland Museum of Art

- Cleveland, Ohio

12/3/16 Wintertide at Gordon Square

- Cleveland, Ohio

11/26/16, Ghengis Con, Mahall's

- Lakewood, Ohio

9/24/16, IngenuityFest 

- Cleveland, Ohio

8/20/16, The 5 O'Clock Lounge 

- Lakewood, Ohio

4/12/16, Music To Draw To, The Beachland Ballroom & Tavern 

- Cleveland, Ohio

 agleam performing at the Gordon Square Wintertide Festival in Cleveland, 2016

agleam performing at the Gordon Square Wintertide Festival in Cleveland, 2016

agleam is involved

Eric contributes to a wide variety of creative projects in Cleveland.

other bands/music:



No Exit New Music Ensemble


Theater Ninjas: Cadre member, sound designer, composer, creative developer

Cleveland Public Theatre: Kulas Composer Fellow 2016, sound designer, composer