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The Last Day

  • Gordon Square Arcade 6516 Detroit Ave Suite 1 Cleveland, Ohio 44102 United States (map)

I have created an audio puzzle for this interactive work of theatre! In addition to my contribution of original music and sound design, I have programed an audio puzzle using Arduino technology and Max/MSP.

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What will happen on The Last Day?

That’s the question players will answer in the latest interactive story from Theater Ninjas, Cleveland’s purveyors of out-of-the-ordinary experiences. This time around, the “theatrical food truck” is taking up residence in the Gordon Square Arcade, creating a unique immersive storytelling experience. Audiences will solve puzzles, manipulate arcane machines, and investigate the life of a mysterious woman’s magical past.

The Last Day is a giant, explorable puzzle box full of tantalizing clues and whispered secrets. Like walking inside a three-dimensional novel, this interactive experience creates a rich universe inside a series of rooms filled with lost letters, sketches of fantastic beasts and lands, postcards from unseen spirits, missing memories, and exotic artifacts. Borrowing from video games—like Myst and Gone Home—and ‘escape the room’ games, The Last Day is an intimate encounter with the unknown.